Marvel's Ant-Man TV spot might make you think it's a comedy

In about a month's time, the world will be treated to another Marvel Cinematic Universe serving, so close to Avengers: Age of Ultron. But if the latest released TV ad for Marvel's Ant-Man is any indication, there's little worry that it will get overshadowed by the bigger blockbuster hit. Previous trailers emphasized on the seriousness of the film, the powers, the effects, and the destruction, with one or two witty remarks. This time, however, Marvel seems to have pulled all the stops, placing a punchline almost every 20 seconds or so in this 60 second trailer.

When Paul Rudd was casted for the role of the (second) Ant-Man Scott Lang, there were some reservation given the actor's less than serious roles in his previous films. That perception was more or less validated when the first trailer arrived, with Rudd making his first Ant-Man punchline. What's in a name, eh?

With this latest spot, Marvel is seemingly showing that yes, it's got lots of humor too. That much we've seen in the second Avengers film, with dashes, nay, spoonfuls, of oneliners, facial expressions, and awkward situations peppered the film, perhaps to offset the otherwise dark and depressing overall theme. We can expect nothing less in Ant-Man, though perhaps in a more light-hearted manner.

"I think our first move should be calling the Avengers." Fortunately, they exist in the same cinematic universe.

Marvel might be taking a bit of a risk here, though it has definitely proven it can handle some light comic relief here and there. The last somewhat goofy superhero personification ended up in a disaster for Marvel's rival. Rumor has it that it might have caused DC to banish almost all laughter from its films. We'll just have to see if Marvel can prove that it can do better.

Marvel's Ant-Man premiers July 17.