Marvel’s Ant Man reportedly to be played by Paul Rudd

Brittany A. Roston - Dec 18, 2013
Marvel’s Ant Man reportedly to be played by Paul Rudd

In a theatrical world filled with Superman, Spiderman, Batman, and a gaggle of other other well-known superheroes, a lesser known hero will get his time in the cinematic spotlight in coming months: Ant Man. The movie is slated for 2015, and thus far who will play the protagonist hasn’t yet been revealed. If sources that have spoken to Variety are correct, the wait is over.

It had been previously reported that Paul Rudd might play the insect-centric super hero, as well as a tip that Joseph Gordon Levitt was also considered at some point for the part. Now sources have reached out to Variety stating Marvel is ready to announce Rudd as the actor who will play Ant Man.

According to the sources, Rudd is now in early negotiations for the role, which will be a deviation from his more often humorous characters. Reportedly, while Rudd doesn’t necessarily strike one as the super hero type, he is said to “share elements” with Iron Man’s Tony Stark, something that ultimately led to him being taken on. Given Ant Man’s storyline, that isn’t surprising.

Ant Man is the exceptional scientist Henry Pym, who invents a way to change up his size and allow for communication with bugs, hence the name. What angle the movie will end up taking is yet to be seen, but various speculation abounds. The script was written by Joe Cornish and Edgar Wright, with Kevin Feige serving as movie producer.

SOURCE: Variety

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