Marvel confirms several 'Avengers' video games in the works

Usually when a big blockbuster movie is due out in a couple weeks, especially if it's one aimed at kids or teens, it means you should be able to go to the local video game store and pick up the video game version of the flick. That's been the case with many Marvel films in the last few years. But The Avengers is so big, it doesn't have an official video game tie-in. But that doesn't mean you won't be seeing this movie represented on the shelves of GameStop.

Instead, there will be a whole series of games to capitalize on the movie. That is what Marvel VP of game production TQ Jefferson confirmed to Forbes in a recent interview. He also noted that Sega will no longer be the publisher in charge of marketing and distributing the video game versions of its multi million-dollar grossing flicks. Instead, Disney Interactive will pick up the task. Sega is believed to not have lived up to Marvel's expectations.

Speaking of expectations, apparently Marvel has pretty high hopes for The Avengers. "We launched Marvel: Avengers Alliance on Facebook; which is just the tip of the iceberg. This is the first in a much larger effort to support the Avengers franchise across not just one but multiple video game touch points. The Avengers are bigger than just one game, and we're planning to allow consumers to enjoy The Avengers regardless of their preference in gameplay style or platform," Jefferson said.

[via Forbes]