Marshalltown High School to use wakeup calls for tardy students

I can remember having to get up to get ready for school each day. It really sucked. Actually, it was no worse than having to get up for work each day only now, I don't have to study. If you are a high school student at Marshalltown High School that is chronically tardy, you will get wake up calls courtesy of your school. MHS has a new program to help kids get up on time and make it to class. The program will have the school sending automated wake up calls to students.

I guess the school has never heard of call blocking or the silence button. I suspect that the wake up calls will irritate parents more than it will help keep kids on time. Getting parents to force their kids to get up and get ready may well be the goal of the calling program. The MHS program will see any kid that is tardy more than five times receiving the phone calls. The calls will say, "Good morning from Marshalltown High School. It's time to get up and enjoy the day."

The calls will be placed by the schools automated calling system. The elementary school my kids attend has this sort of automated system that calls if school is canceled for some reason. Apparently, the system came out of a talk about tardy kids with the most common reason for the kids being that they don't have an alarm. The good news is that parents can get kids off the list for calls by contacting the school. Do you think this is a good idea?

[via Times Republican]