Marlin SpyPen is no normal ballpoint

If you are into all things with a James Bond feel, then you'll love the SpyPen from Marlin. Not only does it capture the super spy attitude from the Bond movies of yore–it also is pretty high tech. I mean, it looks like a pen, but it sports a digital recorder inside.

Sure, the SpyPen might look like a normal pen, but it's anything but. It has a digital video recorder inside. This means, you can record video on the sly. Plus, a microphone is also equipped inside that can record audio from up to 4.6m away. Now, that's pretty impressive, if you ask me!

You can get this pen in either 2GB or 4GB models. You can get data off of it by means of USB and it runs off of a lithium-ion battery that can last about two hours. You can get the Marlin SpyPen now for about $76 for the 2GB model and about $89 for the 4GB model.