Marketplace for Windows Mobile 6.x goes extinct today

I wager this will affect very few of you out there considering most geeks today wouldn't be caught dead using a Windows Mobile 6.x device. On the chance that a few of you are rocking these old Windows Mobile smartphones, here is a public service announcement for you. Today is the last day Windows Marketplace for Mobile 6.x will be in operation.

As of May 22, Microsoft is discontinuing the market and recommending that users review the applications or games installed on their mobile phone and install any available updates before the service shuts down. Once the service shuts down, there will be no more updates available. Once the Marketplace service is turned off there will be no more browsing through the store, buying, or downloading apps and updates.

However, everything installed on the mobile phones will continue to operate. That is assuming the apps are operating and working correctly right now, which is why it's so important to install any updates that are available. If your apps come from a third-party site, you can still update those as long as the developer provides updates.

[via Engadget]