Mario Party, Yoshi's Island sequel, and more heading to 3DS

Nintendo just announced, via a Nintendo Direct presentation, that a handful of new games that will be heading to the company's 3DS handheld gaming console this year. Mario Party will be making its first appearance in the 3DS, Yoshi's Island will be getting a sequel, Mario and Luigi will be teaming up again in Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, and Donkey Kong is coming back with Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D.Mario Party will be heading to the 3DS in the winter, which could mean late 2013 or early 2014. The game will include 81 new mini-games that will test your speed, concentration and luck, and the game will also take advantage of the 3DS's various hardware features. Some of the mini-games use AR cards, amongst other unique things.

As for Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, the game will have you visiting an island for what was planned to be a relaxing vacation. However, Princess Peach is kidnapped (go figure) and is pulled into a fantasy dream world. The only way to make your way into the dream world is when Luigi sleeps on special pillows that have magical powers. Gamers will be able to start playing the game on August 11 in North America, July 12 in Europe, and July 18 in Japan.

The Yoshi's Island sequel will feature some of the same art concepts and gameplay as featured in past installments, with Yoshi being tasked to protect Baby Mario by using deadly eggs on enemies, as well as ground stomps and other maneuvers that any Yoshi Island gamer will be familiar with. The official title of the game and its release date will be announced later in the future.

Donkey King Country Returns 3D will simply be a remake of the Wii game with the same name (only without the 3D). This time around, however, Nintendo added a new mode that features an adjusted game balance. This is because portable gamers tend to play in shorter sessions than home Wii console gamers, so the game is catered around that. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D will launch on May 24.