Mario Party Superstars remasters classic boards and minigames for Switch

Nintendo Switch owners are about to get another dose of Mario Party, as today Nintendo revealed Mario Party Superstars during its E3 2021 Direct. Even though the Switch is already home to Super Mario Party, this new title will be quite different. Rather than offering a slate of new boards and minigames, Mario Party Superstars will instead remaster a collection of boards and minigames from the franchise's past.

Specifically, Nintendo says that Mario Party Superstars will feature five remastered boards from the Nintendo 64 games. It sounds like the remastered minigames, on the other hand, will span Mario Party's entire history – not just the N64 titles. We don't know all of the boards that will be included, but the announcement trailer for Mario Party Superstars confirms that Peach's Birthday Cake from the first Mario Party and Space Land from Mario Party 2 are two of the five.

Judging from the trailer (which you can see embedded above), these boards and minigames haven't just been remastered but remade in the style of Super Mario Party, which launched on the Switch back in 2018. Nintendo also confirmed that all game modes support online play.

That's a pretty big deal because Super Mario Party notably launched with minimal online functionality, and it was only earlier this year that it received online support for its main board game mode. If you don't have friends to group up with, you'll still be able to play online through random matchmaking. Mario Party Superstars will also allow you to save in the middle of an online board game and resume it with your friends later.

So, it sounds like Mario Party Superstars will be an improvement in almost every single way over Super Mario Party, though we're sure there are some out there who would have preferred new boards instead of remade ones from the series' past. Mario Party Superstars is launching for Nintendo Switch on October 29th, with pre-orders open today through the Switch eShop.