Mario Kart Wii outsold by erotic PSP game in Japan this week

We all know that Mario Kart Wii has been almost as highly-anticipated as Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii. It managed to sell over 300,000 copies on launch day over in Japan. However, it was bested this week in sales by a pair of bouncy breasts.

Well, I'm sure that there is more than one pair of boobs in Bokudake no Kajitsu, an erotic title for the PSP. I should probably be surprised that Mario Kart Wii was beaten in sales by a PSP title this week (two actually, Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G outsold them both), but I'm in shock that it was beaten by a game about sex.

I now know what I must do. I need to import a copy of this game and test it out, along with my Mario Kart Wii, and inform you, the readers, which one is better. I'll find out once and for all which is better, Mario Kart or animated boobs. It's for science I tell you!

[via Kotaku]