Mario Kart Wii - Face off against 11 other people online

My favorite racing franchise of all time has to be Mario Kart. (Though Pole Position kicked some ass back in its day) My favorite incarnation of the game is definitely Mario Kart 64, however, Mario Kart Wii is shaping up to be a fierce competitor in my book.

Back at E3 Reggie Fils-Aime announced the title along with the Wii Wheel. He also made an offhand remark that "more racers equals more fun." Since then there has been much speculation about how much fun the game could be. As it turns out, on the fun scale this game ranks up at 12 racers.

I can't hardly imagine racing in Mario Kart against 11 other real people. That's quite a step up from the number of people you could play against in the past. Back in the day you could only go up against the single person sitting next to you. There's still no word on exactly when we'll see this game on store shelves.

Mario Kart Wii Features 12-Player Online Races [via 1up]