Mario Golf Super Rush arrives on Nintendo Switch this summer

During its Nintendo Direct today, Nintendo announced that Mario Golf Super Rush will be arriving on the Switch soon. This is the latest Mario sports game, one that can be played in handheld mode or with motion control, and that features the kind of things you'd expect from a golfing title: varied landscapes, tools for examining the terrain, and more.

On the surface, Mario Golf Super Rush is exactly what you expect: a golf game in which players can compete with each other, play as popular Nintendo characters, and put their digital golfing skills to the test. For those who have the main Switch console, you can naturally swing the controller to play using motion controls.

Various game modes will be offered, including one called Speed Golf, which has up to four players race to win. Likewise, the new golf game will include a Story Mode that lets you play as your Mii character if you prefer — Nintendo notes that you can also play as your Mii in the 'versus' game mode.

Mario Golf remains the most popular of Nintendo's sports game, but it's not the only one available to Switch players. This will mark the first Mario sports game for Switch since Mario Tennis Aces released in 2018.

Nintendo didn't have much more to say about the upcoming game, though you can see it in action in Nintendo's most recent Direct broadcast (above). The company will release the game for Nintendo Switch on June 25.