Marantz Unveils a 6-in-2-out 1.3 HDMI Switcher

The complexity of Digital Content Protection and Hi def audio found in most high definition content only allows full scale of 1080p video, HBR or uncompressed audio via HDMI output in certain devices. That usually results in having inadequate I/O interface to anticipate high bandwidth media if you have more than a handful of a/v gears such as Blu-Ray player, HD-DVD player, HD DVR, SACD, etc. Marantz has a neat 6-in-2 output hdmi switcher that's 1.3 version certified to ensure its compatibility meet the most demanding Hi-Def media in the market.

The VS3002 features the HDMI 1.3 characteristic such as xvYCC deep Color and lip-synching and has an auto input sensor capability. Well, we know that auto sensor never worked correctly on 24/7 full time feeding like DVR or HDTV receiver, a credit card size remote controller is included if so needed. Like most Marantz device that aimed for custom installer, the 7lb switcher has the usual RS-232C serial interface in the back. It will be selling at 35,000 yen (around $220 USD) in early February 2008 at Japan

Marantz, six input / output 2 HDMI active selector [via impress]