Marantz CR101 - It's got everything from a CD player to an AM radio

Have you ever looked at something and thought that it looked cheaply-made only to be blown away by the high price? On that note, I give you the Marantz CR101 CD Player.

This think looks like it might have been considered "futuristic" sometime back in the 90's. Today it just looks cheesy. Don't worry, it's packed with a ton of awesome features right? You bet your ass it does. Not only does this thing play CDs, it can also play FM and AM radio broadcasts. I've been saying it for a long time AM radio is the future!

Aside from the backlit LCD screen, there's really not much to be seen. It's plain, it's boring and it is expensive. This little guy will set you back around $331.

Marantz CR101 CD Player [via newlaunches]