Many cheese products recalled following CDC's outbreak warning

Days after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published an advisory warning of a Listeria outbreak without a clear source, the FDA has highlighted a new related recall covering a number of Hispanic-style cheese products. The recalled cheese products were sold in several states across the Eastern half of the US.

On February 12, the CDC published a public health advisory warning that several cases of listeria — all of them resulting in hospitalization — had popped up in multiple states and was moving fast. There wasn't a single source identified at the time, but interviews with patients indicated that Hispanic-style cheese was likely the cause.

Days later, New Jersey company El Abuelito Cheese has recalled many queso fresco cheese products over potential listeria contamination. Three different brands are covered by this recall: Rio Grande Food Products Inc, Rio Lindo, and El Abuelito Cheese.

More than a dozen products sold under these three brands are included in the recall, including things like Cuajada Fresca Salvadorena, Queso Fresco Olancho, Queso Fresco con Hoja, Chirilagua Queso de Hacienda, and more. Packaging sizes vary, including everything from 10 ounces to five pounds.

Ultimately, all of the company's queso fresco cheese products with sell-by dates until March 28, 2021, have been recalled. These products were sold in many states, including North Carolina, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, and Connecticut.

Check out the recall notice to see the full list of recalled products, including their packaging type and size, as well as UPCs and the plant number.