Manual, automated printer contraption will write texts on the wall

I can't say that I have ever received a text so cool that I wanted to write it on the wall. If you have thought it might be cool to print out texts to keep for posterity, and you have a big vacant wall Liat Segal has invented a crazy device that is a combination of an automated printer and a manual device you have to push along the wall by hand. The printer was inspired by the old dot matrix printers of yore, which are still used in some industries.

The printer has seven different servo controlled motors that move the seven markers up and down to make them contact the wall and write the message. The servos actuate as the user pulls it across the wall and writes the message out in large dots and slashes. The printer is controlled by an Android phone that is attached to an IOIO board.

The control app is an Android offering. When a message comes into the Android phone attached to it, they device is ready to print your message. This is geek tagging at its finest. You can check the manual, automatic printer out below in the video to see just how it works.

[Liatsegal.blogspot via Make]