Manage Your Music With Sooloos If You Got The Money

Rue Liu - Oct 9, 2006

Streaming music around your house and controlling it from any room you want has gotten oh so convenient these days. Top choice right now is probably the Sonos System, but for those who got the extra benjamins, perhaps consider the new Sooloos Music System. This system is unique in that you have the option of ordering it with all your music preloaded along with album art. You can add new music through subscriptions or add new CDs using the built-in ripper. And all of it is displayed nicely on a sexy 17” touch screen monitor, pictured below. Additional remotes are available with 7” touch screens. All your music is stored in lossless format, meaning uber high quality. And you can choose to have 1,2, or 3 Terabytes of hard drive storage with noiseless convection RAID cooling. This piece of heaven starts at $12,000.

Sooloos Music Streamer
[Via: Coolest Gadgets]

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