Man Tries to Recreate Frogger with Real Traffic, Hits Real SUV

Recreating your favorite videogame may seem like a good idea, but there's not many out there that would translate to the real world with the best of results. Even if Frogger seems like a pretty simple idea, you are just a frog getting from one point to another after all, it's not advisable to actually do that. After all, the cars, semi-trucks, and SUVs that populate our world are very real, and can actually kill you. That, and you don't get an extra life.

In South Carolina, a 23-year-old man was standing on the side of busy highway-123 in Anderson, when he decided to recreate Frogger, and dash across the lanes of traffic. Unfortunately, the young man was unable to judge the distance from him to the nearest SUV, and he was struck down. The event took place on Monday. Police responded to a 911 call, and arrived on the scene to see the man on the ground, after being struck by a driver of an SUV. According to witnesses of the event, the man waited until he yelled out, "Go!" before he dashed across the highway.

According to the police, the similarities aren't a coincidence. The man was indeed recreating Frogger, a popular videogame produced by Konami, the house of the Metal Gear Solid series. The man didn't die, though, thankfully, but he did sustain several head injuries.

[via Gather]