Man sets world record riding hoverboard over lake

You still can't go down to the store and buy yourself a hoverboard, and that is disappointing. You can, however, watch one Canadian man hover above a lake like the Green Goblin, and that'll do for now. The man in question is Catalin Alexandru Duru, and he recently took off on a hoverboard over Lake Quareua in Quebec, Canada. He created the prototype hoverboard himself, something he says is the first real hoverboard and proof that it is something that can be done.

The hoverboard is a large base that looks like it might have quadcopter underpinnings. It buzzes like a bee and can transport a grown man several feet in the air for hundreds of feet at time. You can see it for yourself in the video below.

He traveled more than the 50 meters needed to break the record, eventually meeting a watery end with a splash in the lake. Overall, the hoverboard carried him about 905ft. down the lake's surface. At one point he hovered over a boat.

All in all, Duru set a Guinness World Record. How long before we'll be able to get our hands on a similar contraption? Not soon enough. Be sure to hit up the timeline below for more record-setting news!

SOURCE: Pocket-lint