Man rides rocket-powered bike to 207mph record

The typical bike is powered by human legs, and some riders can go surprisingly fast on a bicycle. Typically riding down a steep hill is about as fast as most folks ever go on bike, but a man in France has ridden a bicycle fast enough to outrun a Ferrari. His name is Fran├žois Gissy and he now holds the world record for riding a bike at 207mph.

Clearly, Francois didn't ride that fast by pedaling, nor did he reach that speed from riding down a hill. To reach 207mph Gissy needed a very special bike indeed, and the beast was powered by rocket engines. To prove just how fast and insane the bike is Gissy raced a Ferrari during the record setting run.

The event took place as Circuit Paul Ricard in the south of France last Friday. The rocket engine strapped to the bicycle was built by a firm called Exotic Thermal Engineering. It unclear exactly what sort of fuel powered the rocket, but it certainly left behind a massive cloud.

The bike is insanely fast, as you can see on the video. It took Gissy only five seconds to go from 0 to 207mph. The bike is so fast that it made the Ferrari look like a snail by comparison. The whole time the onboard video looks as though Gissy is about to lose it at any second.

SOURCE: Gizmodo