Man arrested for threatening to shoot his iPhone in Apple Store

I would wager that most iPhone owners have felt like shooting their iPhone at one time or another and cursed the name AT&T whilst praying to Jobs that the exclusive period would end. Or maybe that is just me. One man at an Apple Store in Cincinnati took things a bit too far when he threatened to shoot his iPhone in an Apple Store.Gizmodo reports that the man was angry that the device wasn't working and threatened to put a couple 9mm slugs into the device. To illustrate the point, the guy then allegedly flashed the 9mm handgun that was concealed on his person to an Apple store employee whilst saying he could shoot the phone right now.

The Apple employee offered to fix the phone and then walked away and had other employees call the police. The man allegedly was arrested for failing to tell the responding officer that he had a concealed weapon on his person, even though the man was apparently licensed to carry a weapon. The charge against the man is said to be "aggravated menacing, causing fear of harm."