Malware blocking app mysteriously pulled from Play Store

Nate Swanner - Sep 9, 2014, 11:34am CDT
Malware blocking app mysteriously pulled from Play Store

In a time when identity theft and information pinching is prevalent, it seems salient that you’d want something that could protect you from being tracked without your knowledge. Disconnect Mobile does just that, blocking you from being tracked or fed potentially malicious ads. Once removed from the Play Store, Disconnect Mobile came back last night. The return didn’t last long, as Google kicked them out in a few short hours.

Overnight — at around 2am, according to Disconnect founder Casey Oppenheim — Google once again removed the app meant to save you the headache of being traced for nefarious purposes. According to Oppenheim, Google’s reasoning for showing his app the door is vague. Just as vague as it was in August, the first time Disconnect Mobile got the heave-ho.

Google tells Disconnect Mobile they’re in violation of section 4.4 of the Developer Distribution Agreement. That section states that no app can interfere with other apps or Android services. There was no detail laid out for Disconnect Mobile, just a blanket excuse for pulling the app.

Not only could multiple app pulls from the Play Store affect Disconnect’s standing with Google (if you get yanked too many times, Google deems you unworthy to develop for Android), the app removal smacks of Google protecting their own advertising interests. It’s not clear which app or service disconnect may have run afoul of, but Google is deeply entrenched in selling ad space in the increasing mobile space we occupy. Something blocking that, even in a slight way, may have been the cause for Disconnect Mobile to be pulled.

Source: CNET

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