MakerBot Z18 starts shipping to pre-order customers

Nate Swanner - Jun 17, 2014, 3:54 pm CDT
MakerBot Z18 starts shipping to pre-order customers

MakerBot, the company leading the charge to get 3D printing everywhere, has announced their Replicator Z18 printer is ready to ship. For those who backed the device early on via pre-order, shipments will start going out soon. MakerBot says they’re working down the order sheet, sending out printers as soon as they’re ready to go.

The Z18 is the largest of three new MakerBot devices we saw at CES this year. Though still meant for desktop use, the Z18 is big enough to handle light commercial use as well. With the ability to print objects 18-inches tall and 12-inches in diameter, the Z18 can handle just about anything you toss at it.

MakerBot made interesting strides with their new crop of printers. New tweaks such as auto detection of filament running out make it much more user-friendly. The ability to produce at 100-microns thin is also unique, and their easy-to-use desktop and mobile apps make 3D printing a breeze.

The Z18 isn’t for the casual user, though. At $6,499, it’s a 3D printer for those who need to produce on a daily or weekly basis more than a kids toy. MakerBot says once shipments start rolling out, users can expect a 6-8 week arrival timeframe.

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