Make Vacuuming More Fun With Kinect And Roomba Hack

Microsoft's Kinect has been the target of hackers since the day it launched. Since the Kinect recognizes gestures and movements the number of hacks seems limitless. Another one has popped up on YouTube today and demonstrates a more entertaining and interactive way to vacuum with a roomba.

The hack recognizes certain movements and directs the Roomba where to clean. A Japanese programmer, who goes by the name Ogutti, demonstrates the hack, making several different gestures to direct the tiny vacuum to move forward, backward, to turn, and to shut off. The Roomba was connected via a Bluetooth sensor on the bottom of the device.

The Roomba usually follows its own path or has to be controlled by remote. But with this hack, you can toss that remote and start playing symphony conductor as your Roomba follows your every gesture.

[Via NY Times]