Make the perfect Simpsons GIF with Frinkiac

After 27 seasons, and nearly 600 episodes, it feels like The Simpsons has managed to cover every topic possible. In fact, South Park made an entire episode centered around the fact that The Simpsons had already done nearly every topic and joke, and that was way back in 2002. Needless to say, there's a Simpsons quote, picture or gif for almost any occasion.

Earlier this year, the internet became a far better place when Frinkiac's fantastic search engine came online. With it, you could find nearly any still image from the show, just by searching by character or quote. And today, that same search engine just got a whole lot better.

When you use the Frinkiac search engine, you now have two options, instead of just one. Before, you could simply add a meme to your perfect Simpsons image. Now, you can choose to use Make GIF. With this tool you'll be able to create a gif by adding a few seconds to the beginning and/or end of the still you initially selected. You can also add text by clicking "Add Meme" while in the tool.

The website appears to be under a lot of load, with the Make GIF feature being particularly slow. It is still in beta, and since it's the day that they unveiled the new tool, many people are currently flocking to the site to make their own perfect Simpsons GIF.

Source: Frinkiac