Make Slime In 15 Minutes Or Less

So, the kid in me wants to do this right now, but the adult in me realizes that would involve getting up and going to the store, so sadly I will probably never get this done. However it is really cool, and the author says 15 minutes, but I think if you had all the supplies, it could probably be done in less.

So what does it take to make slime al la Nickelodeon? 2 spoons (there are two different mixing procedures, and then a third where I assume you can use either spoon), 2 crystal (I think glass will work as well) flasks or jars, Borax, distilled water, Gouache paint (might be called something different here in the US, the writer was from Mexico I believe), and Mucilage.

Surely I am not the only one to have never heard of some of these ingredients, but apparently the Mucilage is the only one that should be kind of hard to get ahold of, although Amazon apparently sells and amber, instead of transparent, version of the stuff, or you can use most white glues in place of the Mucilage.

After that all you have to do is mix distilled water and borax, then mix mucilage, distilled water, and the paint, and then slowly stir in the borax/water solution until you get your desired consistency, for the full instructable as well as all the health and safety precautions along with an explanation of the science behind it click through to the source site.

Make Rheoplectic slime in less than 15 minutes! (It is not Oobleck) [via instructables]