Major US theaters are ditching mask requirements for vaccinated customers

The CDC recently revised its face mask guidance, stating that these masks are no longer necessary in most places for people who have been fully vaccinated. Though some stores have elected to continue requiring face masks, others have made the decision to follow the guidance and remove the requirement. Three major US theater chains are now part of that latter group.

With the exception of local mandates, Cinemark theaters no longer require fully vaccinated customers to wear face masks — though, of course, they can still wear them if they'd like. The company says that everyone else is 'strongly encouraged' to wear face masks, though they can be taken off within the auditorium while eating and drinking.

Regal, meanwhile, has a similar policy, stating that "masks will not be required" except in cases where there are state or local mandates in place. In those latter places, masks will need to be worn except when in the auditorium where they can be removed only while eating or drinking. The company also notes that it has employees monitoring the auditoriums for compliance.

Then there's AMC, which now states on its website that masks are no longer required for customers who have been fully vaccinated against the virus. The company asks visitors who aren't fully vaccinated to keep wearing masks and to leave them on except when they're eating or drinking. The company also offers $1 masks for customers to purchase.

The change comes amid growing vaccinated rates in the US. According to the CDC, more than 50-percent of adults over the age of 18 in the US have been vaccinated against the virus. Vaccinations have also started for kids and teens ages 12 and older, though their vaccination rate remains considerably lower at this time.