Major Rebate Firm filed Chapter 11, Find out if you are screwed

I'm not a big fan of mail rebate. Frankly, I will bite on a product with $50 instant rebate than wasting my lifetime (exaggerate) waiting endlessly from a mail refund that is worth twice as much. Not everyone shares the same view; with the economic downturn, any consumer financial incentive is a break. So did the company behind the exhausting rebate center but unfortunately for many, they took a bigger break!

Slickdeal has reported that Continental Promotion Group INC, a large rebate processing firm known to represent companies like Canon, Newegg, Samsung, Costco, Adobe, Motorola, Tom Tom, and many more, has declared bankruptcy yesterday.

Mail rebates are known to carry excessively long turn around time. If you are in the middle of claiming one from this company or already have gotten the refund check but have not cashed it. Hang on, you are likely to be affected. A few responsible parties have taken action and informed their customers on handing the situation. You can find out more here.