Major Pokemon Unite update detailed ahead of mobile launch

Tomorrow is a big day for Pokemon Unite players, as the game finally launches on mobile devices. As the game launches on iOS and Android, it'll be accompanied by a large patch that will add a bunch of new features to the game. Ahead of tomorrow's mobile launch, the Pokemon Unite development team has detailed this new patch and everything it will add to the game.

Full details can be found in a blog post on the Pokemon Unite website. It's there we learn that Tencent is streamlining the process of upgrading held items by introducing new in-game events. These events will give players access to super item enhancers that can upgrade held items to level 30, but beyond that, Tencent said that it has also made it easier for players to get item enhancers in general.

This news is probably a relief for anyone who was worried about the pay-to-win nature of item enhancers and held items, even if it doesn't entirely fix the issue. In any case, we also learned that there will be a new batch of held items added to the game tomorrow too, which Tencent hopes will shake up strategies.

Tomorrow's patch will also add Unite Squads to the game, which sound like Pokemon Unite's version of clans. In addition, we're getting a second battle pass with new cosmetic items – specifically, the second battle pass will feature "new Holowear with special visual effects." Finally, this update will add support for multiple new languages (though apparently, we don't get to know what those languages are until tomorrow) along with "some limited Spectator Mode features."

So, between the improvements to item enhancing and the launch of some Spectator Mode features, Pokemon Unite is starting to become a somewhat serious competitive game. You can check out the trailer above to see some of these new additions in action (along with some gameplay footage that includes the upcoming Sylveon and Mamoswine), but otherwise, look for this new update to drop tomorrow.