Maingear Shift supercomputer adds ATI HD 5970 to options list

Maingear launched its new high-end Shift personal supercomputer back on November 2. The desktop packs some serious punch with Core i7 CPUs and space for up to 12 SSDs along with 8GB of RAM and more.

With today's official announcement that the AMD HD 5970 video card is available the Shift can now be had with not one but two of the dual GPU video cards. That is some very serious graphics processing power.

According to Maingear when equipped with two of the HD 5970 video cards the Shift is capable of 10 teraflops of visual computing power when enhanced with Maingear redline technology. The downside to the power and high-end design of the Shift is the price. A fully optioned dual HD 5970 machine will run you about $6,500.