Magnets + iPod Nano = Strapless watch

How far would you go to get rid of those pesky watch straps? One man has decided to implant magnets into his skin in order to go strapless, calling the project iDermal (NSFW!). Dave Hurban undertook the project in order to attach an iPod Nano to his wrist to use as a timepiece. Speaking to Digital Trends, he describes the steps used and why he decided to experiment in such an unconventional way.

Hurban is an experienced body piercer, and says the technique used to implant the magnets isn't so unusual. "Those magnets are actually called micro-dermal anchors, and in body piercing they are very common. The tops are actually just 5 millimeter magnetic tops." After implanting the tops, the opposites are secured to the iPod which allows it to magnetically attach to his wrist.

He goes on to say that the procedure wasn't "the worst piercing" that he's done to himself, and has been a success. The iPod stays securely in place even while jogging, although Hurban has been met with surprise and shock at his augmentation when spotted by passersby. ""When people see this, it's like they've seen something that no one else has done, ever, it's just such a crazy concept."

What about when Apple updates the Nano? Hurban says he wouldn't be too bothered. "I did it because I'm living in the now. I did it because it's cool now. Even if they do come out with a new iPod, the fact that I did this when this iPod was out, that's what matters."

[via Digital Trends]