Magneto calendar shutting down December 23

MAgneto, the interesting Calendar app that tried to do more than just feed you info, is shutting down. On December 23, the service will be no more, and will simply let your other calendars take over where Magneto left off. The team also notes they've already used Google and Exchange calendars to sync your info, so all meetings and appointments are already in place. Magneto is also offering a simple method for exporting your to-do items, if you were using it for that.

To export your to-do list items from Magneto, simply drag-and-drop onto another calendar, which will make them an event there. If you've not done so by December 23, Magneto will send you an email with a list of all your un-moved to-dos.

The cross-platform calendar app/service was promising. Magneto aimed to be more of a concierge to your life than a simple calendar app. You could see a map of your day's travels, track mileage, and get contextual reminders on when to leave for your next appointment.

Though they didn't offer up a reason for shuttering, Magneto likely ran into stiff competition elsewhere. Google Now does quite a bit of what Magneto was trying to roll into a single package, and the all-in-one service may not have appealed to many.

Or, they simply ran out of funds. We may never know. The recent iPad app never got out of beta, and Chrome/Firefox extensions worked well, but were a touch limited compared to the web version of Magneto.