Magic Fortune Cookie has the same user interface as a Magic 8-ball

Depending on who you ask, all 8-balls are magical, but that's another story. Here we have a plastic fortune cookie that comes in a transparent Chinese take-out container and has the same blue liquid and multisided die as the Magic 8-balls from years ago.

No word on whether the die reads more like something from Confucius, or whether it has the same basic sayings as before. Personally, when I need a Magic 8-ball to answer a question I fire up my iPod Touch and the iApp-A-Day 8Ball app, but this fortune cookie is pretty cool too.

You can get them for $9.99 each, which isn't bad for something that could one day be used to decide your fate. Then again, it would also be cool to just have sitting around for some fun with friends in a drinking game.

Magic Fortune Cookie: Kinda Like An Edible 8-Ball, But Not Edible [via gearfuse]