Madden NFL 25 cover vote kicks off

There are hordes of sports video games available for the major game consoles on the market. Of all the sports video games out there, one of the most popular is the EA Sports Madden NFL franchise. This game is routinely one of the most popular titles of the year each and every year when new versions launch.

One of the ways that fans are able to participate in the development of the video game each year is by voting to choose the athlete who is on the cover of the video game. The next issue of the game will be Madden NFL 25 and the cover vote is on. This year, fans of the Madden franchise can choose between old-school players and new school players.

The old-school side of things you have players like Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, Dan Marino, and Troy Aikman among others. On the school side of the mix you can pick from a number of current players with names like Matt Forte, AJ Green, Clay Matthews, and a bunch of others. The first round of voting is being conducted from March 11 through March 20.

Round two voting will be conducted between March 20 and 27th, with round three spanning March 27 through April 3. The quarterfinals will kickoff on April 3 through April 10, with the semifinals on April 10 through April 17. The final round of voting to determine the cover athlete will happen on April 17 through the 24th. You can make your choices here.

[via ESPN]