Mad Catz unveils distressed wireless Telecaster controller for Rock Band

I've never understood the appeal of things that are distressed. To me distressed just means it is time to replace something. If my shoes get distressed I buy new ones, the same thing with my game controllers. Mad Catz has unveiled a new guitar controller for Rock Band on the Xbox 360 that is a distressed Fender Telecaster.

The controller looks cool though it looks worn out to me. The controller is wireless and is called a "player's edition" by the manufacturer. It is equipped with four different ways to activate overdrive including an optional Overdrive pedal, a back tuning button, a tilt mechanism, and a touch sensitive pickup above the strum bar.

Other features include Shredderz fret buttons that Mad Catz says makes difficult solos easier to complete. The guitar controller sells for $109.99, which isn't cheap but it's not the most expensive guitar controller I have ever seen either. Too bad there seems to be no PS3 version offered.