Mad Catz releases two new products designed for Rock Band

Mad Catz has been a little behind with the third party accessories for Rock Band. Fear not because they have released not one but two separate products, one being the M.I.C and the other a portable drum kit. Both are made to be somewhat simple and portable.

Now when you head over to your friends house you wont have to load up the car with the Rock Band drum kit. If you can manage a nice place to layout the pads then your ready to rock, but honestly this portable version seems to greatly compromise the overall experience. This version is a lot cheaper than the original at only $50.

The M.I.C portable microphone is made to operate without the companionship of a controller for navigation. On the side you will fine the Xbox guide button, directional pad, standard colored ABXY buttons and a lock switch that prevents accidental button presses while rocking out.  You can pick up the microphone for $60, but I wouldn't.