Mad Catz Announces $500 Worth of Flight Simulator Goodness

Evan Selleck - Jul 23, 2010
Mad Catz Announces $500 Worth of Flight Simulator Goodness

We’re not sure if there’s still a huge market for flight simulators. It’s been awhile since we’ve even seen anything come on the radar about them. Sure, there are plenty of aircraft-based games, where you’ve got that fighter jet and you’re blowing things up, but that’s not a simulator. And, for the most part, you might not need these many buttons to shoot down the enemy. (At least, not in the game.) And, while $500 worth of simulating peripherals may seem like the right thing to do, it’s troubling when $500 doesn’t get you everything you need.

How does it break down? Something like this: $200 for di-cast alloy rudder pedals, $149 back-lit information screen, and a $150 throttle, pitch and mixture system. All of that sounds all well and good, right? You’ve got everything. Oh, wait, you need a yoke. And a game to play it on. Then again, if you’re thinking about picking all of these up, then you probably (hopefully) already have a game to play it on.

But, it might be kind of tough to do that without a yoke. We’re not sure why Mad Catz would have left that out, but we’re going to hope that they’ve got one coming down the pipe, and they just didn’t get around to announcing it quite yet. Yes, we can dream. The big question now, though, is if $500 is completely and totally worth it to make your flying dreams a reality.

[via Kotaku]

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