Macy's saves millions migrating to green LED lights for 86 stores

I think that most of us only think about green practices like power saving computers and LED lighting as ways to make the environment better and don't stop to consider that by going green you can also save on your electric bills as well. The massive department store chain Macy's is migrating 86 of its stores from traditional incandescent lights to green LED lights and will save millions over the decade lifespan of the bulbs.

MSi is one of the companies that Macy's will be getting the LED lighting from and according to MSi Macy's is replacing 117,000 traditional light bulbs that it uses inside stores for accent lighting and general lighting. The bulbs will be replaced in 86 different store locations around the country.

The new bulbs will use 73% less energy than the bulbs they are replacing and have a life span of ten years compared the traditional bulbs life expectancy of about six months. In total Macy's will save 16,200 megawatts of power per hour every year according to MSi. That is the same as planting 65,500 trees says the green lighting firm. The total savings for Macy's according to MSi when accounting for all factors like less maintenance, lower cooling bills, and other factors will save the company millions over the life span of the LED bulbs.