MacBooks get performance slump when battery is removed

Now this is just plain strange. Apparently the latest Apple MacBook line is showing off some seriously unusual behavior. In fact, the entire system gets bogged down when the battery is removed. How's that for strange?

It seems these new unibody systems cut back on the processor performance whenever relying on AC power alone. The idea behind this is doing so will protect the system in case a shutdown occurs when the user does not want it to when, let's say, the notebook is trying to pull too much power from an outlet.

And if this were just a small performance dip, it would be no big deal. However, it drops the system down to 63% of its supposed performance. This is definitely not good. If the battery dies, then what? Your computer will always run at 40% the capacity it's supposed to? Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is big, right?