MacBook Retina pricing, availability are now official

The new MacBook is sexy as can be, but how much are you going to shell out for it? It's not going to come cheap, unfortunately. It is, however, a totally new addition to the MacBook lineup, so you have increased options. If you really want to grab one, they'll be shipping April 10. The pricing starts at $1,299, and gets all the way up to $1,599. That's not cheap, but it is supplemental to the rest of the lineup, so you don't have to make any tough choices.

The entry level MacBook Retina has that 1.1GHz dual-core processor and 256GB SSD. You'll also have Intel HD graphics 5200, and 8GB Memory. If you want to step up to a slightly better processor and double the memory, it's going to cost an extra $300, so $1,599.

Again, the new MacBook is supplemental to the lineup, so you now have three choices when it comes to your laptop needs. Apple is also updating the existing lineup with some feature we've found on this new MacBook, so there are changes coming to every laptop in their lineup.

Interested in the new MacBook? It certainly is interesting. For $1,299, it might not appeal to all, though. If portability is a concern of yours, though, it might be one to look for. At 24% thinner than the Air, we think those who fell for the sleek and sexy Air when it was launched will want to take a long, ahrd look at this one.