MacBook Pro, Air, and Mac Pro updated prices leak in ads?

Apple rumors are rampant today, which we can take as a sign of how well the company is doing with its crazy popular devices like the iPad and iPhone. Apple also has a devout following of geeks that clamor for information on the Mac line of computers. If you are part of the Apple flock, we have a new rumor for you today.Engadget reports that Aussie site PC Authority has spurred rumors of a potential price change for the MacBook Pro, Air, and Mac Pro machines. The rumor comes by way of an ad that ran on the website that showed some very different pricing for Aussies than that the Apple Store actually sells its gear for.

The MacBook Air is listed on the ad as starting at S$2,399 whereas the Apple Store sells the beast for A$1,999. The MacBook Pro is listed in the ad starting from A$1,899 with an actual price in the store of A$1,599. The Mac Pro desktop in the ad says from A$4,499 while the machine actually sells in the store for A$3,599. So what gives? Scuttlebutt has the Mac update that has been expected finally landing. On the other hand, the Aussie retail machine is well known for significantly padding prices compared to what a straight conversion from USD would be. We can only wait and see what happens with pricing.