Mac Pro Radeon Pro W5700X MPX module now available for purchase

Apple has received a lot of criticism for the design of its last two Mac Pros but few will deny that those designs are completely pointless. In the case of the 2019 "cheese grater" model, the design not only allows for better ventilation but also for easier upgrades. That is what the new modular system is for and now you can try out that for yourself with the standalone AMD Radeon Pro W5700X MPX GPU module. That is if you have the money to burn for one.

To be clear, new buyers of 2019 Mac Pros have always had the option to configure their computers with these powerful Radeon Pro cards. They only need to shell out an additional $600 to switch from the standard Vega-based Radeon Pro 580X to the more powerful Navi GPU. If they want twice that, the price is $1,600.

Previously, if you've only selected the standard configuration, you'd be out of luck. That's because you couldn't buy this graphics module, which sort of defeats the purpose of the entire modular system. Just in time for needing all the power you can get even at home, Apple is changing that now.

You can finally buy the Radeon Pro W5700X MPX by itself and slot it into your 2019 Mac Pro. The price for the standalone module shouldn't surprise anyone but you'd still be forgiven for drawing your jaw at the $1,000 price tag. Given how expensive a Mac Pro is already, some might hesitate until the very last minute to click that Buy button.

Then again, Apple is already selling 2019 Mac Pros in its refurbished program so you can shave off a few hundred dollars from the initial purchase. Of course, they're still pricey but you are admittedly getting what you pay for and you can always upgrade later bit by bit. Presuming, of course, the modular pieces are available for purchase.