Mac OS X app bundle saves you a bunch, gives to charity

Nate Swanner - Jun 20, 2014
Mac OS X app bundle saves you a bunch, gives to charity

Love the Humble Bundle for Android? OS X has something similar! The “Name Your Own Price” bundle may not have the same roll-off-the-tongue appeal, but you’ll get the same amazing kid of deal. Currently, you can snatch over $400 worth of apps for about $11.

The bundle works exactly like the Humble Bundle: beat the average cost, and you get all ten apps in the bundle. If you don’t want to spend much, you don’t have to. Any spend over $1 will get you three of the apps.

For beating the average, you’ll get the following apps. The top three are available for your $1-or-better donation, and we’ve included their retail value in parentheses:

  • Tangerine ($25)
  • DiscLabel ($40)
  • SyncMate ($40)
  • Path Finder 6 ($40)
  • Fantastical ($20)
  • Flux 4 ($125)
  • Gemini ($10)
  • Logoist ($20)
  • Tunes Cleaner ($40)
  • MacX iPhone DVD Ripper ($40)
  • SyncMate Expert 5 ($40)

Even if you were just interested in one app, like the very decent calendar app that is Fantastical, this is a deal. Some of the apps are pretty specific, like Tangerine (which is a great playlist creator), but great nonetheless. Others, like Flux 4 or Logoist, are great for designing web pages and the like.

To grab this bundle, head over to the Stack Social link below. Ten percent of your spend goes to a charity of your choosing (World Wildlife Federation, Child’s Play, or Creative Commons), so you’re giving back and getting great OS X apps! If you’re interested, don’t dally — you have about 12 days left!

Source: Stack Social

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