Luxury cruise ship has VR simulation arena, race track and waterpark

Norwegian Cruise Lines has taken the wraps off "Joy," a new luxury cruise ship it will be deploying in China next year. The cruise ship is massive and comes with the luxury staples you'd expect — gambling and fancy booze and tastefully-decorated rooms — as well as a few that take things to a whole new level: a virtual reality arena, a two-level "hoverboard" bumper race track, and a full water park.

Joy will try to outdo its competition with a series of on-the-ocean activities, including an "arcade" called the "Galaxy Pavilion" — it features what Norwegian Cruise Line calls "immersive virtual reality experiences," including simulations of rides and interactive video walls. The virtual reality experiences will be via Oculus Rift headsets and simulators, including one that involve hover craft racing — there will also be half a dozen Xbox gaming stations and an unspecified Star Wars game.

If hoverboard races aren't to your tastes, the cruise ship also features a race track outside — it is said to be the first two-level race track on the sea, and involves what appears to be a typical go-kart design complete with racing flags and twisting curves.

Mind not quite boggled yet? Joy will also pack a couple of multi-storey water slides in a water park and a laser tag stadium. Not keen on racing and VR? The cruise ship will also include a more laid back retreat to relax after those long days spend adventuring — there's a full park complete with grass and bushes, as well as "fast WiFi" to share your selfies-at-sea.

You'll be able to book your trip next summer, but you'll have to be in Beijing or Shanghai to catch the ride.

SOURCE: Gizmag