Luna lamp brings celestial ambiance to your home

Last night, did you find yourself wishing you could see the supermoon every night? A new Indiegogo campaign aims to make that possible, only on a smaller scale. The Luna lamp is a realistic rendition of the moon, only designed for your apartment or house. It glows from the inside out, adding to the realism and giving your home a celestial ambiance you won't get from an ordinary lamp. Luna is offered in seven different sizes.

Luna is an ambiance lamp that gives off enough light to enjoy your night without being blinding. It is water resistant and heat resistant, and the luminosity can be adjusted as desired. It can also handle "crashes". The lamp is made of non-toxic latex and glass fiber.

The lamp can be placed on the floor, as shown in the image above, or can be hung from the ceiling via a hook and string. Light comes from a halogen bulb, excepting the XXS size, which uses an LED bulb and a battery rather than a power cable.

The maker behind the company is seeking funding on Indiegogo, where the original $40,000 USD goal has been greatly exceeded, with about $465,000 USD so far in funding and 33 days remaining. Those who are interested can order one of the Luna lamps — the XXS sized early bird is sold out, but a slightly less discounted version is available for $75 USD. This spans up to the 23.6-inch diameter Luna (XXL), which is $875 USD.

SOURCE: Indiegogo