LUMI Mask Will Wake You Up Gently if Enough Money is Raised

Evan Selleck - Dec 29, 2010
LUMI Mask Will Wake You Up Gently if Enough Money is Raised

Kickstarter has seen a lot of cool gadgets recently, all finding their way onto the site to help get money raised for the designer’s (hopefully) great idea. iPod Nano watches, and then edible Jelloware cups. All of which have spent their time on Kickstarter, trying to find “backers” to invest in the idea, and bring it to life. For designer Taylor Franklin Hide, his idea is a mask that not only helps you sleep by blocking out everything in sight, but will also wake you up when the time is right.

It’s pretty straightforward. Before you go to sleep, you simply dial in the time you need to wake up right into the LUMI, and then you put it over your eyes. 30 minutes before your scheduled wake up time, a soft light will turn on within the mask. As it grows closer to your time to wake up, the light will brighten. The idea is that, just as the sun may wake you up in the same fashion, and therefore “naturally,” the LUMI mask will do the same thing, albeit with artificial light.

And then, like an alarm clock, a sound will go off at the end of the sunrise, notifying you that it’s officially time to wake up. The process is slow, so waking you up should not be one of those knee-jerk reactions. The hope? That people aren’t as grumpy after waking up with the LUMI. As of right now, Hide has 56 backers, with $2,5656 in total investment. His goal is $10,000. Follow this link to go ahead and invest, if you’re up to it.

[via CrunchGear]

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