Lost Japanese submarine found off the coast of Hawaii

Shane McGlaun - Dec 3, 2013
Lost Japanese submarine found off the coast of Hawaii

During WWII, the US captured one of the largest submarines ever built by the Japanese. The US Navy intentionally scuttled the massive submarine during the war and the exact location of the sub was then lost for decades. A group of researchers from Hawaii has announced that the submarine has been found again.

The Sub, called the I-400, was discovered by the group of underwater researchers off the coast of Hawaii. The I-400 was a Sen-Toku class submarine and was one of the largest subs ever built until nuclear-powered subs were invented. The I-400 is 400 feet long and could travel around the world 1.5 times before needing to refuel.

The I-400 has been on our ‘to-find’ list for some time,” said veteran undersea explorer Terry Kerby, who led the expedition that found the submarine. “It was the first of its kind of only three built, so it is a unique and very historic submarine.

The researchers didn’t expect to find the submarine in such shallow waters, they though the sub would be further out to sea. The I-400 was captured near the end of WWII with four other Japanese subs. the captured sub were brought to Pearl Harbor for inspection.

When the Soviet Union demanded access to the subs, the US sank them and claimed they didn’t know where the subs were. The I-400 was found in August, but the discovery was only announced Tuesday. With the discovery of the I-400, all but one of the sunken Japanese submarines have been found.

SOURCE: Fox News

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