Lost Half Life: Episode 4 screenshots discovered

It's been more than 8 years since we've seen any additions to the Half Life series. Half Life 2: Episode 2 left us with a cliffhanger that has yet to get any resolution. While it's becoming less and less clear that we'll ever see the ending of that story, let's talk about the game that was supposed to come after Episode 3. That's right, Episode 4 was already in the works years ago, and we've got some interesting new screenshots of it.

Sometime back in 2006, Arkane Studios began work on the fourth episodic installment of Half Life 2. Instead of following our silent hero, Gordon Freeman, this was to follow a new, unnamed protagonist. In fact, the whole thing was set in Ravenholm, the creepy city introduced in HL2. So why, after all this time are we seeing new screenshots of this scrapped title?

The new shots come from the portfolio of Robert Wilinski. Robert was a senior environment artist at Arkane Studios back in 2007. He specified that during this time he worked on an unannounced Valve title, which appears to be Episode Four. Check out the video below, which gives a great breakdown of all 11 of the newly-discovered screenshots.

It's interesting to look at what Arkane was doing with the game all those years ago. Between releasing the first two episodes, the tie-ins with Portal, and this other game being developed by Arkane, the whole Half Life universe had a lot to offer. Sadly, it's uncertain whether we'll actually see anything more with this beloved franchise.

VIA: ValveTime