Looted Apple iPhones hit Craigslist in London?

There is a lot of looting and rioting going on in the UK right now. It would be expected that some of the looters ill-gotten gains would end up on the web for sale. I suspect this is the case with an ad that The Next Web found on Craigslist in London. The ad shows a full case of new 16GB iPhone 4 smartphones up for sale.

There are 40 of the buggers there and considering they are all sealed in the box and are not activated it would be safe to assume that these were pillaged from somewhere during the riots and car burning. The seller wants £320 for each of the smartphones.

He does say that he will give a discount if you want to buy three or more. I haven't seen any reports of Apple gear being stolen so far. Have any of you? Considering the Apple store in riot areas are cleared of stuff, I am wondering if these may have been looted from a wireless carrier shop.

[via TheNextWeb]