Lookout adds 'Theft Alerts' for real-time theft monitoring

If you've ever had a smartphone stolen from you, you know it's a worrisome time. There are various methods to remotely wipe the device, depending on the operating system you use, but what about the device itself? Can it be recovered? With changes made to device location service Lookout, it's much likelier that you can recover it.

The service update allows for "triggers", which are actions you wouldn't normally take, to set off a chain reaction that leads to you realizing quickly that your device is gone. Say someone input your password incorrectly several times, or slipped the SIM card out. Lookout would monitor that, and send you an alert when it happened.

When a trigger or triggers are signaled (you can choose which, too), Lookout will send an email to you, along with a pic snapped from the front-facing camera of your device (they're calling it a 'theftie'). A map will give you the exact location of your thief, and a way to both backup your data and lock/wipe the device to prevent information loss.

Lookout says 3.1 million mobile devices are stolen annually, a growing problem that has prompted both legislation and police action. Theft Alerts from Lookout might just help you avoid being a statistic, but it comes at a price. Theft Alerts requires a Lookout premium membership, but $2.99/month might be worth the stretch.

Source: Lookout