Look for quad-core laptops in 2008

Is your crummy dual-core processor just not keeping up with your mobile computing needs? If you can hold out until next year, Intel is going to have just the thing to keep you going.

According to their roadmap they are going to be releasing their Penryn quad-core processor sometime in the first half of 2008. It's too early to to know just how much of a performance gain we'll see, but they are based off of the Santa Rosa which Intel has described as "Core 2 Duo on steroids."

The biggest concern with these portable powerhouses is the amount of heat that they will generate. It's alright for our big desktop systems to generate some heat, just throw in a nice liquid-cooling system and you're all set. Hopefully with the launch of these we'll also see some efficient cooling methods implemented.

Intel Preps Quad-Core CPU for Lappies [via gizmodo]